Please even your most
discriminating guests
with the brand assigned
to only our highest
quality foodservice
beef and pork

Unsurpassed flavor,
tenderness and
juiciness that our
brand provides.

Cuts that set the
standard for trust
and taste.

USDA Prime or
Choice grade beef.

100% natural* pork.

When selecting Chairman's Reserve®
Certified Premium Beef, we start by identifying
three primary characteristics – marbling,
maturity and muscle texture
– to ensure
the highest level of tenderness and juiciness,
with the best possible flavor. Only USDA
Prime and the upper 2 of 3 marbling scores
within the USDA Choice grade are chosen
to represent the top tier beef brand.

Chairman's Reserve Premium Pork represents
products that are only the "best of the best"
in color, muscle texture, marbling and pH.
This premium pork was developed to meet
the demand for "100% natural*" quality pork.

* Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.